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Modificare il nostro corpo significa correggere e trovare soluzioni che tendano a ristabilire volumi e forme che naturalmente o per patologie vengono persi. Ogni corpo ha una bellezza individuale, non esiste la bellezza assoluta, la ricerca è quindi quella di trovare l’equilibrio tra la propria immagine, i propri desideri e un intervento che soddisfi anche i requisiti di minima invasività e naturalezza. Per questo scopo spesso la chirurgia e la medicina estetica si integrano per raggiungere questo obbiettivo.

Breast plastic surgery without implants

This operation allows a breast increase without the use of implants but using ones own fat (lopofilling) with staminal cells or growth factors (PRP). The staminal cells or growth factors serve to stabilize the fat and decrease its physiological absorbment which can in the first months after the operation. That what is integrated into the breast becomes permanent after a certain period.

This operation is done in out-patients and doesn’t require hospitalization, a vaser liposuction is carried out to extract the fat necessary for the breast surgery. The fat can be extracted from any part of the body (legs-stomach-back) and after being treated directly in the operating theatre is re-lnserted to re-model the form and increase the breast size.

Increase of the breast can be 1/2 sizes, the result is absolutely natural. This operation other than increasing the size is also for who has suffered an emptiness of the breast after a pregnancy or slimming.


Additive breast plastic surgery with implants

An operation done in out-patients under local anaesthetic with sedation. The operation foresees the introduction of an implant in the breast, the (specially packaged) which is positioned under the glands or muscles.

With this operation one can obtain an increase of 2 sizes or just refill a severally emptied breast due to breast feeding or slimming.

The surgery techique is to make the implant less evident as possible to give a natural aspect.
The scars can be outline areolar, under the breasts or sometimes under the armpit according to the surgery technique chosen.

After the operation strain on the chest muscles should be avoided, ( gymnastics, lifting heavy things etc) for at least 3 weeks.
A correctly positioned implant can remain for many years but it is frequent that the implant can move causing contracture of the periprosthetic capsules or for other reasons, in this case it has to be replaced.


Breast correction with implants

Often the breast, which holds implants, doesn’t have a natural look and its presence is visible. In this case it is possible to do a simple operation to re-model the contour using autologous fat.

The fat is taken through a liposuction of the knee and ombilical area. The fat is treated and distributed in the area where the implant is more evident, in this way the breast takes a harmonious and natural form.

It is possible to do this operation more than once until reaching the desired result.


This operation is done to lift a ptosis breast which has given way to tissue laxity or is no more compact, due to pregnancy, breast feeding, hereditary tendencies or a physiologic ageing process.

The breast becomes pendulum and flat. Surgery re-arranges the soft tissues, move the position of the nipples, correct the position of the breast on the breast wall increasing the firmness tightening the skin coating to also reach the second objective, the symmetry.

The lifting of the mammary mass occurs in less important cases with round block technique with a outline areolar scar or with a T scar reversed or oblque. The operation is done under local anaesthetic with profound sedation, 1 night of hospitalization is necessary. It is important in the post-operative period to avoid intense physical exercise so as not to spread the scars and skin.

With this operation it is possible to have a minimum reduction of mammary mass correctable with lipofilling.


Instant Breast

Questo intervento può essere “incluso” nei trattamenti essendo la sua esecuzione ambulatoriale, con minima invasività e non richiedendo anestesia se non in casi particolari di una leggera sedazione. Viene utilizzata una soluzione acquosa sterile che iniettata aumenta il volume del seno di 1/2 misure. Non ci sono cicatrici né segni evidenti del trattamento e l’effetto è visibile immediatamente. Questo intervento non crea reazioni infiammatorie e non ha particolari implicazioni post operatorie tranne un possibile leggero indolenzimento del seno nella prima giornata. La sua durata varia da 3 a 15 giorni, cioè il tempo di riassorbimento della soluzione. L’intervento è molto richiesto in pazienti che vogliano avere un seno voluminoso e pieno in occasione di un evento speciale o di una breve vacanza.

Breast Reduction

This operation is carried out under general anaesthetic and is indicated in the unimportant hypertrophy of mass mammary (glands and fat) which cause bad ptosis. Excessive mammary tissues cause stretching and relaxation of the support ligaments of the breast, this renders the large breasts not compact and untoned, pendulum. This condition is often associated with a psychological nature problem tied to ones image and physical nature like a huge annoying breast, shoulder and neck pains, backache until reaching a pathological curving of the spine.

In this operation the mass glands are removed. The breast is reduced, elevated, firmed, the nipple is re-positioned. It is considered a bloody operation which normally lasts 3 hours and requires a hospital stay of 1 night. The scars are submammary or around the areola.

The post surgery is very important and all physical activity has to be excluded for at least 6 weeks, the breast has to be elevated with an appropriate support.
The final shape of the breast is seen after about 6 months.


Radical bilateral mastectomy (change sex)

During the long physological and physical period of a sex change one of the fundamental stages for identification and affirmation of oneself is the radical bilateral mastectomy operation which removes one of the most important components of the female sex.

With this operation the mammary glands are totally removed until the big chest muscle to obtain the masculinization of the patient. The operation lasts about 3 hours, it is done under general anaesthetic and requires 1-2 nights hospitalization. The areola-nipple is transplanted over the skin and big breast muscle.

The post-surgery requires a vast number of examinations to follow the transplant engraftment and the important scar. For the following 3 months physical activity is prohibited which engages the chest muscles.

The scar residue is after treated with Laser Fraxel.


Original Vaser liposculpture (USA made)

This is a liposuction operation with the original vaser machine (USA made) which allows this operation to be done in day hospital with the characteristics in having a fast recovery and a low incidence of complications.

Every part of the body can be treated starting with the most traditional object of liposuction like abdomen, stomach, hips, coulotte de cheval, back, legs, and those which need finer re-modelling like. knees, calves, ankles, arms, under the chin, the male amd female breast.

The operation prevails small cannula , before the fat is sucked it is melted so that the neurovascular strips are preserved (very low risk of thromboembolic), the action from US stimulates the cutaneous retraction re-modelling the treated segments.

Thanks to the low invasiveness of the operation more parts of the body are treated which allows a good quantity of fat to be obtained to use during the same surgery session to fill the breast, buttocks, calves or to do a Midface.
In the parts where the cannula are inserted by a little mm stitches aren’t put and there is no scar evidence.



La ginecomastia è un aumento del volume mammario nel maschio e può essere dato da un aumento del solo tessuto adiposo o del tessuto ghiandolare o di entrambi. L’evento più frequente è l’aumento di tessuto adiposo e in questo caso si interviene con una Lipo Vaser mammaria. L’intervento è in day hospital in anestesia locale con sedazione. Non ci sono suture chirurgiche e le cicatrici nei punti di accesso non sono evidenti. Il tessuto ghiandolare sotto areolare  viene escisso con un intervento chirurgico di asportazione diretta. Le cicatrici sono al margine del complesso areola-capezzolo e sono invisibili alla guarigione dei tessuti. Qualora fosse necessario i due tipi di intervento si associano nella medesima sessione operatoria.

Lipo body jet

In this operation of liposuction a jet of water is used to remove the adipose cells from the connective tissues and then aspired, this mechanism preserves the neurovascular strips decreasing possibility of complications during post-surgery and involves a minimum tissue trauma. The opration under local anaesthetic with sedation permits the immediate re-use of fat extracted to shape breast, buttocks, midface.

The operation sculptures the treated areas quickly with minor bruising and swelling and there is a rapid recovery period.

Traditional liposuction

This operation is one of the most asked for by men and women to decrease accumulated fat in more or less parts ofvthe body mentioned. This operation is indicated where the quantity of fat is modest. The following can be treated abdomen, tummy, hips, thighs, coulotte de cheval, buttocks, back, under chin, knee, ankle, especially in men “love handle” and chest.

The operation is done under local anaesthetic with sedation, if small zones need correcting it is possible to do in a surgery (out patients).

The cannula used is inserted through a small incision of few mm, the repeated scrolling movement provocates the separation of small fat blood cells which are separated and sucked. The adipose cells are removed permanently. After the operation the treated areas must be restrained in a girdle for at least 4-6 weeks, this favours the compactness in the areas emptied by the fat and contrasts the possible onset of bruising and swelling, any irregularities that may create between the parts emptied by the fat and those not treated.
They are cured by massage or Laser Fraxel treatment to help the tissues and increase the tone and decrease the difference between the treated and non-treated areas. Small irregularities not seen at the time of the operation can be corrected subsequently with surgery in out patients under local anaesthetic.


Arm lift

The arms are sections where the most signs of ageing are evident and where a great weight loss leads to an excess of skin ” hanging and redundant” of the arm.

When the patient is young and amd the defect is slight or moderate it is possible to intervene with a Vaser operation to stimulate skin retraction or with Laser Fraxel treatment. But when the excess skin is conspicuous the only useful operation is an arm lift.

This operation can be of two types:

MINI ARM LIFT: Which consists of taking away a triangle of skin under the armpit in a way so the tissues can be stretched. The scars V or Y shaped are hidden under the armpit.

TRADITIONAL ARM LIFT: Where a long strip of skin is taken from the surface under the arm, starting from the armpit until 5-10 cm above the elbow. In this case the scars are straight along the internal part of the arm.

This operation requires a 1 night hospital stay. During the recovery period arm tension should be avoided (sport or weight-lifting) for at least 1 month. The scars are then treated with Laser Fraxel to decrease their evidence.


Lipo abdominal plastic

The lipo abdominal plastic consists of removing the excess adipose tissues and skin folds on the abdomen to end up with a flat and brim abdomen.
Frequently it is necessary to re-construct the abdomen muscle walls nearing the muscles to the abdomen.

The operation can be of two types:

COMPLETE: When there is a dramatic excess of the skin (abdomen apron). It is necessary to re-position ombilical centrally. The scar is wide over the pubic area (Bikini line). The operation lasts 3-4 hours and requires 1/2 nights hospital stay.

PARTIAL: When the sagging of the skin is at an inferior stage. In this case it isn’t necessary to re-position the ombilical. The operation lasts about 2 hours and requires a 1 night hospital stay. The residue scars are permanent and are treated by Laser Fraxel to decrease the evidence.


Scar correction and improvement

The scar is the outcome of the repairing process of tissue damage for a pathologico or traumatic event. The new tissue which is formed is called fibrous connective, not very perfused inelastic made up of dense collagen fibre and thickly intertwined sclerotic with rare cells (Fibrocytes).

The scar can be linear and in this case the laser fraxel is used to make them smooth and unapparent or they can have a real and own neoformation, which has the origin of the scar but developes over its limits and it is keloid on which it is intervened with a revision or to re-do an operation with a linear scar; or hypertrophic in which the tissue is detected and finite within the confine of the scar and is treated with laser fraxel and if necessary further surgery. As far as the diastases scars are concerned (widening of the scar tissue) it is intervened with a revision surgery (abscission from inside the scar).

The cure foresees then the intergration of more treatment and techniques to put in second act the type of scar and its position: Laser fraxel, revision surgery, detachment of deep adhesions, implant of staminal cells, filling of minus with autologous fat or with filler (Pure Ac hyaluronic ).


Re-modelling calves with fat or hydrogel

This operation is done to restore volume and give equilibrium to the form of the calves.

A too thin calve in respect to the volume of the thigh or where there is alteration of its proximal form to the knee or distal can be corrected with an operation of lipofilling or body-jet. The operation consists of taking the fat through liposculpture vaser or with a tradional liposuction and it is inserted to model the area.

In very thin patients where there is not a sufficient amount of fat, hydrogel is used, a water-based gel composed of 98% water. This operation is done in out-patient surgery under local anaesthetic with sedation, it lasts 1 hour, there are no scars or stitches, and can also be used to restore important deficiences volumetric.


Re-modelling of the buttocks with fat or hydrogel

The buttocks are subject to ageing or dramatic weight loss, empty, not toned, wrinkled.

The additive intervention is done with autologous fat, the fat withdrawn is immediately used to fill the buttocks.

Frequently this operation is associated with the liposculpture vaser or lipo body-jet operation where the fati s taken to re-model abdomen, tummy, back, thighs and used to fill the buttocks.

In thin patients a gel composed of 98% water (hydrogel) is used.
This operation is done in out-patients surgery, under local anaesthetic with sedation, it lasts 1 hour, there are no stitches or scars. It can be done at the same time as a liposulpture vaser.


Foot filler

This out-patient surgery operation is done to “strenghthen” the sole of the foot. The creation of this artificial support permits one to walk easily helping the foot to support the body pressure in the unatural arched position when high heels are worn.

A biocompatible bubble gel is created (a highly densed Ac hyaluronic) very dense and compact to protect the metatarsus.

This out-patient surgery doesn’t require anaesthetic but to reduce the patient’s discomfort to a minimum the area is desensitized with an injection of ice.

This operation doesn’t need rest and the patient has immediate relief to the painful and un comfortable sensation regaining walking with less fatigue.

Re-modelling hands

The hands reveal age, with the passing of time the skin becomes thin and inelastic,they lose tone and there is emptyness which leads to showing vessels and bones on the back of the hand, wrinkles are created and often dyscrasias (marks) and irregularities.

The operation to make this condition better is filling with fat (lipofilling) on the back of the hand. This is an operation done in out-patients and foresees the withdrawal of fat from the knee or around the ombilical and its distribution in the back of the hand. The hands will appear stretched and toned, on the marks Laser Fraxel will be used to cancel marks, tender the tissues, smooth wrinkles and cancel little scars often present.

The operation may require a light sedation if it is associated with a midface when the withdrawal of fati s more important. The operation lasts 1 hour and there is no scar evidence.


Re-modelling of the female external genitals

With ageing, giving birth, some sports like horse riding alteration in form, dimension and tone of the external genitals may be seen (big and small lips- vaginal wall) and this can cause discomfort physical and psychological.

The operation aimed at correcting these imperfections are:

It is the operation which reduces the small lips when they are elongated and bulging from the external lips (Big lips). This condition can cause discomfort and pain when tight clothes are worn (rubbing), when sports like horse riding are practised, or simply riding a bike or during sexual intercourse. The small lips are reduced surgically with an out-patients surgery under local anaesthetic with sedation. The operation lasts 1 hour, the healing comes with the complete scarring of the stitching area (about 20 days).
Lipofilling of the big lips: This operation is done by withdrawing fat from the knee or around the ombilical area and fills the big lips which with ageing or menopause are empty.

The operation is in out-patients surgery and foresees a light sedation, it lasts about 1 hour, the result is immediate, there are no stitches or scars.

One of the main causes of widening of the vagina is an episiotomy birth or rip (mechanical cause) or the menopause (physiologico cause) or diseases of the cervical. The vaginal canal is tightened with the resectioning of the vaginal skin and repositioning of the muscles underneath. The operation is in out-patients surgery, under local anaesthetic with sedation and lasts about 2 hours.

this operation aims to reconstruct the hymenial membrane. It is an out-patient surgery operation under local anaesthetic.



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