La medicina rigenerativa utilizza metodiche innovative per riparare danni tessutali ed ha un ruolo fondamentale nella medicina antiaging. La base di questa medicina è l’utilizzo di cellule staminali, fibroblasti e grasso autologo.

Rejuvenate: Stem cells


Rejuvenate is a process that stimulates our personal supply of collagen-producing cells and growth factors to reverse the effects of skin aging. It works by collecting a very small amount of fat tissue, extracting the Adipose Derived Stem Cells, and injecting them
directly into the skin tissue.

Collagen is the key to smooth, wrinkle-free skin. Children have perfect skin thanks to the higher quantity of collagen that lies in their skin. But as we age we lose some of our collagen and develop wrinkles. Collagen cannot be synthesized artificially, it can only be produced by skin cells!

This procedure is a natural method that does not rely on injecting any artificial omponents into the skin. Initial results are visible in 2-3 weeks and the gradual increase of the collagen and elastin produced by the natural activity of the implanted cells. The reduction in the appearance of fine lines and the improved skin texture are the most obvious results. The skin looks smoother, healthier, and brighter.

What to expect? Improvement of skin texture. The thickness of subcutaneous collagen improves Fine wrinkles and other signs of aging disappear
Your skin will have an overall healthier and fresher look.

Wrinkle Filler


Wrinkle Filler is a wrinkle-filling product containing 100% cells derived from one’s own fat. It can be used anywhere in the body for a number of treatments, including filling both fine and deep lines, as well as wrinkles.

Following this procedure the newly active cells go to work causing a dynamic regeneration response at the cellular level while filling the wrinkles caused by aging. The introduction of millions of powerful new cells into the skin allows the replacement of lost volume with a natural, youthful-looking result.
The procedure restores the youthful contour and shape of the face. It performs a dual action: increasing the volume, and renewing the skin.

Long lasting results: this procedure is the only filler that lasts as cells life and therefore for several years. Note: the effectiveness of the treatment is subject to genetics, skin condition, age and lifestyle factors. For these reasons it will vary from individual to individual.

What to expect? Fine and deep wrinkles disappear Skin becomes brighter and more toned Stable results without the need for further treatments Natural and radiant looking

Body Shaping


Body Shaping can now be used for natural body shaping treatments, instead of using artificial implants.
Many patients prefer the idea of using their own Adipose Derived Cells instead of introducing foreign materials into the body. Using one’s own cells lowers the chances of infection or other complications. Adipose Derived Stem Cells, and finally using them for volume restoration and body shaping.

Natural result (in appearance and feel) thanks to the use of your own body tissues.

No surgery is needed for the implant, nor any prosthesis inside your body, all forms of diagnostic exams can be performed without any limits, it is possible to undergo additional treatments to further augment cup size.


Female Rejuvenation


Female rejuvenation is an innovative procedure for tissue regeneration and to minimize the effects of dryness. The elasticity of the tissues is related to the collagen and elastin production by the cells of the same tissues.

This treatment is recommended for general ageing, pre and post menopause, withering dryness, and the problems of flaccidity. The produced growth factors from injected cells incite to the rejuvenation of the existed tissues, reducing the withering dryness and flaccidity. Significant results will appear 10-15 days after the treatment.

Scars and stretch marks


Adipose Derived Stem Cells are used to remove deep acne scars and stretch marks that are resistant to other forms of treatment. When ADSC are applied to the treated skin, they glide across the open areas and release their growth factors which penetrate the skin and stimulate healing.

The growth factors released from the stem cells covers the abraded tissue and stimulates the fibroblasts and other recovery cells to restore the tissue in half the usual time.

The treatment helps your skin heal properly without any new scarring. Rapid disappearance of scars caused by wounds. Stretch marks can be reduced to give the skin a clear and fresh appearance.


Joints Osteoarthritis


Is an innovative treatment for mild to medium bone and cartilage degeneration. It uses the cells
collected from a patient’s own fat to treat the painful orthopedic ailments of knees, hips, shoulders, ankles and other joints. This treatment uses the regenerative components of your body’s fat cells to repair the degenerative conditions of bone and cartilage that may arise due to aging or trauma.

The procedure is very simple, and requires the collection of a small amount of fat during an outpatient procedure. with a simple injection in the joint regenerates the cells responsible for repairing the cartilage.

Increased vitality 2-3 weeks after the treatment (6 to 8 weeks for a more complicated intervention).

You can feel the results within days, although several weeks are necessary to begin to see significant effects on your health or to feel your symptoms lessen. Note: the quality of the biological product, and therefore its therapeutic efficacy, is strictly correlated to the lifestyle and the physical condition of the patient (obesity, smoking, alcohol and drugs will have a negative effect).


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