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Venere e Adone opera di Antonio Canova

La ricerca e lo studio di trattamenti che avessero un’ azione sinergica  ha portato ad ottenere i migliori protocolli per integrare tecniche chirurgiche e trattamenti di medicina estetica per raggiungere i risultati ottimali potenziando gli effetti degli interventi. Ogni protocollo viene personalizzato secondo le specifiche esigenze del paziente.

Cervical facial Lifting + Midface (lipofilling) and staminal cells

For cervicalfacial lifting different surgery techniques are followed according to the personal morphodynamics and it is optimal to combine a midface with fat and staminal cells.

These two operations are done in the same operating session, they lead to a stretching of the folds and wrinkles of the face and a natural filling of the under ocular zone and cheeks.
The result is an outstretched face which re-acquires a natural filling and compact look of the form as so when you are younger, volumes of the face are restored without alterating the original morphological characteristics.

Face tite + Implant of Autologous Staminal Cells or Fibroblasts

This type of lifting associates the stretching of the skin with the smoothing of wrinkles thanks to the radiofrequency with the suction of fat which heavily accumulates around the face is combined with an implant of autologous staminal cells or fibroblasts.

The synergy is given by the skin tension obtained by the stimulation to the production of endogenous collagen. At a distance of 1/3 months the operation is completed with a further implant of staminal cells and fibroblasts.

Blepharoplasty + Midface with Fat and Fibroblasts

This operation is followed up if one desires an optimal result of the third upper face.

The blepharoplasty eliminates the relaxing of the superior and inferior eye lids, the midface lipofilling cancels the dark circles under the eyes and fills the upper cheekbone areawhich is often empty. The fibroblasts stimulates the production of endogenous collagen to give back tone and volume of the fragile and lifeless skin.

Laser Fraxel and Vampire lift

The laser fraxel treatment stimulates cell repairing and the production of derma cells are associated to a treatment with platelet growth factors.

Then the action of smoothness of the wrinkles, cancellation of skin discoloration (spots and irregularities), cancellation of scars, associates a stimulation of a new collagen production a basic element for young skin. The effect is summative and gradual evidence is shown in the course of 3 months.

Laser Fraxel + Autologous Fibroblasts

These two treatments associate when the first result is to obtain a correction of very evident skin alteration such as marks due to ageing, for hormone imbalance (pregnancy), scars (post traumatic or by acne), deep forehead wrinkles, nose labial, mouth outline (barcode), once the result has been obtained implant of autologous fibroblasts can be done, to make supporting connection better by stimulating its composition.

The synergy effect will show in 6 months.

Midface ( lipofilling) + Biostimulation Threads.

This operation creates volume and re-defines the outline of the face. The midface with autologous fat fills the empty zone of the 3rd upper face increasing volume, tension, upper cheekbone compact, it cancels dark rings and puts the cheek bones in natural evidence.
In the same operation biostimulation threads are used to re-design the jaw outline, they tend the cheeks, they naturally lift the eyelash corner.

The biostimulation thread correction is aimed at the areas of the face that needs correcting and they can be used on every segment.

Biostimulation Threads + Fibroblasts.

The synergy effect is given by the re-design of the face’s outline (forehead-cheeks-jaw outline) and gives an increase of the skins compact with the production of collagen.
The effect is reached within 4/6 months.

The number of threads to be used and the number of implants to be followed are chosen by valuating individually the response to the different treatments and on the ground of the requirement of the face.

Neck lift and autologous fibroblasts

The surgical approach for the neck is followed by removing the relaxed excess skin and stretching in this way wrinkles and folds, it is completed with an implant of autologous fibroblasts which produce collagen and elastic fibres and make the skin compact and stretched, re-newing the elasticity lost with ageing, for genetic predisposition or for isufficient sun protection.

In this way the neck will be smooth with a luminous and elastic skin. The result is completed in 3 months.

Neck lift with autologous fat and staminal cells

When ageing or a dramatic loss of weight leads to having wrinkles and folds and an empty aspect of the neck, lifting is associated with lipofilling with autologous staminal cells.

The necessary fat is taken, during the same surgical session, from the knee or ombilical area and is inserted into the apropriate areas. The staminal cells stabilize the inserted fat making the operation decisive and stable for many years. The definate resulti s obtained after 3 months from the operation.

Biostimulation threads + Pure Hyaluronic Acid

The biostimulation threads inserted in the neck provocates stretching and redefines its outlines, with this mechanism the action of pure hyaluronic acid is associated even though strongly moisturized relaxes and fills the more profound wrinkles.

The action is synergical of tension, moisturizing and smoothing. The operation is done in out-patients and anaesthetic is not necessary. The effect is reached gradually within 3 months.

Laser Fraxel and NCTF

The action of laser fraxel is associated with an over nutrition to the skin. The action of the laser stimulates the skin to the production of collagen and is backed by the NCTF.

Both treatments are done in alternate cadences to evaluate the individual response according to the personal skin situation. Therefore the action is to cancel marks, discolorations, small scars, smoothing wrinkles and filling and overhydration.

Laser Fraxel and PRP

The action of laser fraxel which stimulates the production of collagen is synergical with the vampire lift. This synergy is given from a strengthening of cell stimulation and the renewing of cells which is evident with a major tension and luminosity of the skin.

The treatments are done alternitaly and a cycle is completed in 3 months. The choosing of each associated treatment is evaluated on the particularity of each individual skin and the individual response to the treatment.

Lipo Vaser and Biostimulation threads

This association is followed when it is necessary to re-design the under jaw eliminating fatty parts which often accumulate creating a “double chin” and with biostimulation threads stretches the outlines of the face and neck.

The operation is done under local anaesthetic and light sedation with the laser machine or the body jet system.


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