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Adesso con le nuove frontiere dell’estetica si hanno a disposizione interventi e trattamenti non chirurgici di fondata efficacia medica. Questa branca della medicina estetica si fonda sulla stimolazione delle naturali componenti cellulari o sulla aggiunta di componenti esogeni ma sempre appartenenti al nostro corredo corporeo. Il nostro organismo può essere modificato ma con le sue stesse basi in modo da raggiungere un risultato di naturale armonia.

Laser Fraxel 1500

The laser fraxel 1500 improves the skin tissue, the dimension of the pores, cancels marks on the skin caused by the sun, by ageness, by hormone inbalance (post pregnancy), smoothes out forehead wrinkles, around the eyes and face, neck to stimulate new cells.

Treatment of choice is that from post acne scars to post traumatic and post surgery. The laser action is deep in the derma where cell production is stimulated, these new cells come to the surface and replace the damaged ones.

The treatment doesn’t have a peeling effect, the action is completed in a month. The treatment is under local anaesthetic with application of an anaesthetic cream on the area to be treated.

After the treatment redness and slight swelling may occur but disappears in 24/48 hours. The valutation of the number of treatments is based on the type of problem to be treated, the individual constitution of the patient and on how the patient reacts to the treatment.

The laser fraxel can be tested to treat stretch marks and is inserted in the protocol of post surgery scars.


Autologous staminal cells

Staminal cells are pluripotent cells which if stimulated can difference in various cell lines, they are activated in all the process of ageness and dead cells and damaged traumatic tissues.

Their major concentration is on the adipose tissue, so they are withdrawn from the knee or ombilical area, in an out-patient surgery with a mini liposuction under local anaesthetic or directly during a traditional liposuction or vaser. The staminal cells which are withdrawn are isolated, treated and at this stage they are ready to be used.

The cells can be used directly in the derma to stimulate the renewed cells of the face and neck, or in the fat to stabilize it in the lipofilling surgeries of midface, breast and all re-modelled parts of the body or as integrated treatment to cure scars.



Fibroblasts are cells of the derma’s connective tissue (between epidermis and hypodermis), their function is to produce collagen, elastic fibres and glycosaminoglycans which are the supporting matrix of the derma and they are the base of its nutrition.
The derma increases during childhood and adolesence and decreases with the oncoming of age due to the reduction of collagen and elastin production, the supporting tissue is less dense and tends to give, it becomes saggy loses tension and consistency and wrinkles and folds are formed.

The implant of fibroblasts recreate the composition of the derma and the production of its matrix. The removal of fibroblasts is done in out-patients under local anaesthetic, the isolated and treated cells are then directly implanted into the derma.

The result is a new compactness and tightening of the skin with the smoothing of wrinkles, a fresh and full aspect, leaving the face, neck and decolletè more luminous.


Vampire lift – growth factor

This treatment is part of the regenerative medicine.

This method is based on the use of Platelet Gel (PRP) which is a concentration of autologous blood (about 4-7 times more than the physiological quantities in circulation). The platelets elaborate and release, once activated, numerous growth factors (GFs) which stimulate the healing of the tissues, skin repair of small traumas giving a young and compact effect to the derma.

The treatment is done in out-patients and foresees the withdrawal of a modest quantity of blood, it has a synergical result when done with other treatments like Laser Fraxel or pure hyaluronic acid non-crossed linked.


Biostimulation threads and tension threads

Biostimulation treatment with tension to face and body.
This method consists of the insertion of bioabsorbable threads under the skin in which the filament is hydrolyzated by the tissues.

The threads stimulate the collagen production, increase the synthesis of the AC hyaluronic endogenous and improve the local microcirculation, this creates a natural tension of the tissues, its greatest compactness and elasticity.

They can be used on all body segments, face, neck, breast, abdomen, arms, legs and buttocks re-modelling the outline, their action is gradual and is completed in 4/6 months and is maintained for 12/18 months.

The treatment is done in out-patients, painless, the number of threads to insert is valuated according to the area to treat and the individual state.

Thread tensions have diverse anatomic characteristics and function by matching the tissues. They are used in synergy with biostimulation threads to strengthen their action. This technique is done in out-patients and is painless.

Ac Hyaluronic

Hyaluronic acid is a fundamental and natural component of the connective skin and epithelial tissue.

In the connective the hydration, turgidity, plasticity, viscosity of the skin is maintained joining and pocketing a remarkable number of water molecules.
The hyaluronic acid has a different consistency which is used according to the specific zones treated and people needs. It gives the skin resistance and shape retention.

With aging its endogenous production decreases and the skin weakens forming wrinkles, sagging contours and imperfections.

The treatment is done in out-patients, they are treated from the most finer wrinkles (like those periocular or perioral) to those more deeper (nose-lip and centre-front forehead). The hyaluronic acid is used to restore volume (emptiness of the cheeks) or to fill slight scars (deep scars, and post-traumatic depressed).

The material used is reabsorbable, it has a stability of 6-12 months (individual reabsorption) influenced by lifestyle.
A non invasive and natural application is the re-modelling of the lips, which can be empty due to aging, to give back a natural turgidity and restore shape and symmetry.
The use of pure hyaluronic acid or non cross linked is used in association with biostimulation threads or vampire lift.
It has the property of being highly moisturizing and useful to re-establish the facial volume.



This is a filler composed of hydroxyapatite of CA suspended in a watery gel.

This filler, completely resorbable, has a major densisty in respect to the common filler used to correct wrinkles and skin folds. It is used to correct deepwrinkles, to correct imperfection of the nasal pyramid, to increase the volume of the cheekbones and chin. Its effect is volumizing, tensve, giving a natural filling effect of volume.

Its re-absorbment is slower in respect to other fillers (about 1 year). The treatment is done ion out-patients.

Other than the volumizing effect it stimulates the production of endogenous collagen with improvement to the tension and skin compactness.


It is a botulinum neurotoxin which reacts weakening the muscle reacting peripherally on the termination nerve. The effect is to smooth the profound glabellar wrinkles, frontal and periocular, Its use is also indicated to lift the eyebrow arch. The treatment is done in out-patients, the result is seen after 3/7 days and it’s got a variable duration of 3/6 months.

The treatment is often associated with the use of filler to gain a complete relaxation and correction of the volume of the face.


This treatment is regenerating, revitalizing, anti-ageing.
It contains 50 active principles which together repair damaged skin cells, hydratation, nutrition and balancing of the minerals.

It’s composed of hyaluronic acid which favours the angiogenesis and so a good vascularization of the tissues with a luminous and compact effect to the skin, calcium, potasium, magnesium, sodium, vitamin A,B,C,E, 24 aminioacids, 6 coenzymes, minerals, 5 nucleic acid bases, antioxidents.

This treatment is effective in all cases of the loss in skin luminosty and tone on the face and neck. The treatment is done in out-patients , often associated with treatments of pure hyaluronic acid to intensify the moisturization and tension action.

Oxygen Ozone Therapy

It is a therapy widely used in medicine for its analgesic capacity, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral. The usage is extensive, by medicine antiaging to osteoarticular and neurovascular diseases.

AUTO-EMO-INFUSION: is used to enrich the blood of O2/O3. This makes the tissues functioning optimally.

INSUFFLATION: is a lower enrichment but with a more rapid practice and with minimal invasiveness.

LOCAL: Application in concentrated areas where it activates the micro-circulation (cellulitis), analgesic function in osteo – articular pathologies.


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