“The beauty is the magnificent truth”.


Volto femminile opera di Antonio Canova

Le proporzioni del viso, lo sguardo, un  aspetto fresco e riposato, sano,  sono la nostra presentazione sociale. La chirurgia e medicina estetica hanno lo scopo di migliorare, correggere la nostra immagine intervenendo su quello che noi percepiamo come difetto o come disarmonia e che possono alterare i rapporti con il mondo e con noi stessi senza però alterare l’espressione della nostra personalità. Correggere, armonizzare, stimolare le nostre naturali risorse di rinnovamento sono un percorso verso la nostra personale insostituibile bellezza.

Face Lifting

Lifting is an operation which lifts and smooths the facial tissues which with the passing of time tend naturally to relax, lose tone because of the productive decrease of collagen and elastic fibres which leads to an ageing and tiring aspect to the face. The ageing process is given by the weakness of collagen in the skin, a slight tightening of the bones gives support to the face, decreases facial fat, muscles tend to lose and the skin loses its elasticity; This process is accelerated by an excessive exposure to sun and from stress.

If the predominant elements are sagging of the skin, lack of muscle tone and wrinkles and skin folds they are permanent elements and only lifting is able to give better results.

With this operation the whole section of the face is re-modelled: forehead, under orbital zone, cheek bones, cheeks, mandible lines without altering in an evident way the natural proportion of the face. The aim is to make look younger and not to have an inexpressive and unnatural look.

This operation, thanks to the progress in technical surgery has become less traumatic and less painful during the course of post-surgery.

The operation is done in a clinic, it has a duration of 3/4 hours and is done under local anaesthetic, with profound sedation. A hospital stay of 1-2 nights is necessary so the surgeon can monitor the patients post-surgery course.

The operation consists of re-positioning the skin and muscles (SMAS) in a way to lift the tissues. The skin isn’t drastically lengthened but put in tension like before ageing.

A lifting operation gives a stable result and lasts for 10-15 years, after, if necessary, less invasive corrections can be followed either with surgery or aesthetic medicine like the mid face with fat and stem cells, fibroblasts implants, the superior and inferior blepharoplasty.


Face tite

This operation associates with technical surgery using radio frequent waves to restore the tone of the tissue. The radio frequent waves are distributed inside the tissue at different depths this is associated with a microsuction action to re-model the face to take out accumulated fat which alter the shape. The fat is melted by heat and at the same time it is sucked and the small veins are coagulated with a noticeable advantage to reduce post surgery bruising. The modelling action is given by the stimulation of the contracting skin which is activated immediately, maximum tone and the definition result can be seen in 3-6 months.

The operation consists of a small incision in the face through which a microcanula is inserted and that also acts by internal electrodes for the RF.

The operation lasts about 1 hour and is carried out in day hospital with local anaesthetic and sedation.

This operation is less bloody than a cervical-facial lifting but it is adequate for patients where the skin elasticity and the sagging of the facial muscles aren’t in a bad state.

The same kind of operation is done on the neck.



With this operation the nose is re-modelled to make it harmonious. This plastic surgery completely changes the image of oneself correcting any discomfort the patient feels, sometimes social.

This operation requires scrupulous surgery competence and a sense of art to make a new nose which is harmonious with the face.

The correction may be slight but can be demanding like in most cases. The most required is the correction of the nasal pyramids which can concern both the nose hump and the tip and is done under general anaesthetic with a hospital stay of 1-2 nights.

Rhino-septoplasty is instead the reconstruction of the nasal septum and the nasal respiratory structure. It has a functional nature often the operation is followed out in a team with an ENT doctor. This operation takes about 2-3 hours under general anaesthetic with a 2 night hospital stay. In the secondary rhinoplasty the operation is sometimes followed with an open technique where the skin on the tip of the nose is opened where it is better to work on cartilage structure.

After the operation the patient can return to work after 7-10 days, but the nose will continue to change for about £ months and for the definitive result 6-9 months are necessary.

This operation completely transfers the face in a significant way and there is a risk that the result is undesirable for the patient because it doesn’t stand up to the patient’s expectation and therefore it is essential to understand what the patient is looking for.



The eyes are the soul’s mirror, they show our feelings, our emotions and are fundamental for facial expressions.

The blepharoplasty is an operation which makes the eyes look younger, it cancels signs of relaxation around the eyes, bags, folds and wrinkles on the superior and inferior eyelids. Depending on ones requirement a superior blepharoplasty can be done, the operation is carried out in the out-patients under local anaesthetic and takes about an hour.

The operation consists of removing excess skin  (drooping eyelids) which covers ones glance and adipose bags. After 3 days the stitches are taken out on the rim of the eyelashes and the slight scars are invisible. The recovery time is 7-10 days.

A similar operation is the inferior blepharoplasty which cancels the bags under the eyes and takes away excess skin. A surgeon can intervene just under the lashes or internally or by trans-conjunctival  To complete a side-plastic or side-pessi can be followed out, it depends on the case and consists of shortening and lifting from the  lateral side.

During this operation accumulated fat under the skin is removed often localized in the superior eyelid positioned in the corner of the eye and in the under orbital zone.


Westernizeing Oriental Eye

This is an operation which is highly requested by the Asiatic population and consists of creating a furrow in the eyelid of such subjects. This is purely a beauty operation which lasts about 45 minutes with a very quick recovery. The result is definitive.


An operation to correct and re-position the so said “Sticky out ears”, it creates a pleasant morphology bringing the auricle nearer the head. The operation is done in out-patients under local anaesthetic with sedation and consists of the removal a small piece of retro auricle skin to re-model and re-position the underlying cartilage. This operation takes about 1 hour.

The patient will wear a dressing for 7 days and when this is removed the ears will be in their new position. The scars are retro-auricle and invisible.

Often associated with this operation is the re-modelling of the auricle lobe, a brief operation in out-patients to reduce the lobe and the stitching of injured lobes caused by jewellery or accidents.


Mid face with fat and stem cells

The mid face is an area of the face which includes the eye socket to the central part of the face. Often this area, with the passing of time, tends to empty and relax and therefore sags. This gives the face a sagging and tired aspect. With this operation the zone is filled with ones own fat and stem cells. The operation is divided into two phases:

1-  The withdrawing of stem cells, consists of the suction of a small amount of fat, generally taken from the knee or umbilical area. This operation is done in out-patients under local anaesthetic. The fat is then treated, stem cells are extracted and then re-inserted into the fat.

2-  Always in out-patients and under local anaesthetic with slight sedation, a major part of fat is taken from the knee and umbilical area, this is then united with the produced stem cells and using very thin cannula are positioned mid face, scars are all invisible.

The effect is relaxed and compact with an absolute natural look due to not using any synthetic materials.

This operation is often associated with Vaser liposculpture which provides a good quantity of fat. Often this type of operation is associated with cervical-facial lifting.


Morphodynamic face study

This approach to facial plastic surgery bases on a study not valuating the independant various sections but as a harmonous whole component. The principle that moves this kind of research is the desire to restore the triangle from the peak which is infact from a young age, with the passing of time that this triangle is inverted.

The proportions are studied and valuated, the relaxing areas, the emptying and ageing of the skin, the wrinkles and marks on the skin, the operations are programmed and planned for that specific face. These therapeutical medical aids are integrated depending on the patient.

The most effective associations are obtained with:

– Lifting + midface with fat and staminal cells

– Blepharoplasty + midface with fat and staminal cells.

– Blepharopasty + implant of fibroblast autologous.

– Laser fraxel + PRP ( Vampire lift)

– Laser fraxel + implant of fibroblast autologous

– Midface with fat and staminal cells autologous + biostimulation threads

– Biostimulation threads + implants of fibroblast autologous

– Face tite + implant of fbroblast autologous or staminal cells.


Neck lift

This operation allows the correction of laxity and wrinkleness on the neck which evidentially show the ageing and are more difficult to hide in comparison to the face where make-up can be used. Often the neck has problems of skin laxity (due to loss of weight), circular wrinkles, dry aspect.

These problems can be solved with a plastic surgery lifting, in this case the skin is “unglued” from the muscle and anchored in retro auricle zone and the extra skin is eliminated.

This type of operation requires a 1-2 night hospital stay. Whereas if the laxity is slight  a Neck Tite can be followed up where a small RF straw is introduced through a small incision and this allows the retraction of the skin. This operation is done in outpatients.

Instead where there is just a ptosis of the muscle under the chin a thread of gorotex is positioned from one lobe to the other retracting the relaxed part. This operation is done in the surgery.


Neck Lipovaser

This operation is done in a clinic under local anaesthetic under sedation. The Vaser machine (USA made) extracts the fat which accumalates in the under chin and neck re-modelling the treated parts.

The result is obtained thanks to the stimulation of the skin retraction which is given with the use of ultrasounds that are used to melt the fat before suction so the treated parts acquire elasticity and tension eliminating the fat at the same time. The use of this machine also allows the conservation of small blood vessels making post- surgery complications very low, edema and bruising.

This operation is often followed in the context of operations with Lipo Vaser in which more parts of the body are treated but can only be used as an operation which integrates other treatments to make face- neck- décolleté appear younger.


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